H there! I’m Lauren. Welcome to Mentally Interesting …a place to give and receive information about your mental illness.

I started Mentally Interesting because I want to help you live the life you were meant to lead without mental illness.

I will provide valuable content about mental illness in the form of blog posts and useful info. Get ready to kick some ass. You’re going to become a warrior in the fight against mental illness, using the tips and info you’ll find here. Is your pain point depression? Read posts such as, “Getting Around a Bad Day”, to find your way toward sanity. Use the “Positive Mindset Worksheet” to get your energy flowing the right way.

How do I qualify as mentally interesting? I am diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II, Generalized Anxiety Disorder,  and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I’ve been hospitalized three times due to the severity of my symptoms. I see a psychiatrist monthly, participate in group therapy weekly and take seven psychiatric medications. I’ve been mentally interesting since 1982 (I was 12 when I experienced my first major depression).

So, I get it.

And I want to help you the way I’ve been helped. I’ve had some great therapists that have helped me process my issues and given me tools for fighting my illness.

So pick a post and get started down the road to a better mindset.

PS:  Be sure to download your Free Positive Mindset Worksheet!

Download your free Positive Mindset Worksheet!

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