Clinical Anxiety or Situational Anxiety?

How does anxiety (clinical anxiety) the illness differ from situational anxiety, or stress that’s brought on by an outside source?  It feels much the same: restless, feeling as though there’s something wrong (which their actually is something wrong when you have situational anxiety).

I had anxiety brought on by the nature of the illness a week ago.  Something about winter  just makes my anxiety and depression flare up.  So, last week I was dealing with the clinical anxiety.

Just as I was celebrating my victory over anxiety, my FIL had another heart attack (this is at least number four).  He is in the final stages of his battle, but he fights on and we are grateful.  But he had to stay a couple of nights in the hospital which is hard on every one involved.

My FIL’s health brings on situational anxiety…we all get anxious over the health of our loved ones.

I deal with both types of anxiety in much the same way.  I watch my self-talk and correct negative ideas.  I am gentle with myself.  I take plenty of time to myself to recharge.

What can you do if you’re having situational anxiety?  Ask yourself a couple of questions:

  •  can I do something to improve the situation?
  • does my worrying help the situation?
  • what can I do to bring myself some peace?  (This is practicing self-care:

Its also a good idea to visit with your psychiatrist or therapist.  They can assist you in overcoming anxiety roadblocks.

This is also a good time to reach out to your support system. (See

This post requires a few things of you:  filling out a Self-Care plan,  searching for a therapist and/or psychiatrist and determining who is in your support system.  That’s a lot of tasks, so give yourself plenty of time to complete them.  Ask friends and/or family to help you especially with finding healthcare professionals and determining who should be on your support team.

When thinking about your support system, review how this person has or hasn’t helped you in the past.  Part of creating a support system is knowing who you definitely don’t want included.  Some people just don’t understand mental illness and have a hard time being sympathetic.  Stay far away from these people.  There are a lot of people out there who are willing to help you and provide encouragement and support.  I have been surprised by how helpful my friends are.  The first thing they do when they know I”m feeling bad is ask, “What can I do?”

If you don’t have a good support system, start looking for those people that are kind and giving.  This means that you need to be kind and giving too.

Remember to tell yourself that both situational and clinical anxiety will go away given time.  There isn’t a big difference in how you handle them.  Be sure to listen to what you’re telling yourself and correct thinking that isn’t accurate.  What sort of anxieties are you dealing with now?

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