Welcome to Mentally Interesting!

I once had a therapist tell me, “You’re not mentally ill, you’re just mentally interesting.”  The phrase has stuck with me for years.  And when it came time to name my blog, I knew exactly what name to use.

Live the life you want to live.  That is what this blog boils down to.  If you want to start a business, I’ll assist you in tackling that.  If you want to like yourself more, I’ll definitely take care of that.  Do you want to feel comfortable in your own skin? I can help.  Do you want to have a peaceful day…I’ll show you how.

Because we live in a world where mental illness still has stigma attached to it, you need a safe place to get information. A place conceived of and written by someone who is mentally ill. My posts don’t just explain the problem, they fix the problems in a way that works for you. Mentally Interesting is your source for dealing with illnesses and symptoms. And we can share with each other, so the burden doesn’t feel so heavy.

Like me, you probably struggle to maintain a life while dealing with mental illness.  There is no set of instructions for what to do when you’re having a terrible day. Or a kit that makes the knot of anxiety disappear when you have to go out in public.

And there’s a lot of misinformation and misrepresentation of people with mental illnesses, which makes reaching out for help rather scary.

But there is Mentally Interesting.

What I want from this blog is to build an informed community.  A community of people with mental illnesses, and those that love them.

How do I qualify as mentally interesting? I am diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II, Generalized Anxiety Disorder,  and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I’ve been hospitalized three times due to the severity of my symptoms. I see a psychiatrist monthly, participate in group therapy weekly and take seven psychiatric medications. I’ve been mentally interesting since 1983 (I was 12 when I experienced my first major depression).

So, I get it.

And I want to help you the way I’ve been helped. I’ve had some great therapists and doctors that have helped me process my issues and gave me tools for fighting my illness.

So pick a post and get started down the road to a better mindset.

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