I had been manic for at least three months. It peaked at about one month with me driving wildly, spending money, taking unnecessary risks. It was the first time since I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II that I had been manic that long.

I felt like my doctor had done the right thing by putting me on another mood stabilizer, Lamictal, and taking me off Vyvanse, a stimulant. As soon as the dose of Vyvanse got down to 10 mg, the mania sputtered out.

Then came the crash. Depression hit hard. It had been years since I felt so bad. I cried frequently, was afraid to be without my husband and had suicidal thoughts. My husband took me out each day because that is one of the best things for depression. That is very important to remember when you have depression and one of the hardest things to do. But you must get out of your house. Even if it’s a quick trip to the convenience store. Go outside. Now is an especially good time to be outside. Soak up the sun. Or treat yourself. Get some ice cream or another treat.

Another important tip is to be gentle with yourself. It’s ok if you cry. I had (and still do have) trouble remembering things or accomplishing simple tasks. That’s all right. It will come back to you.

Finally, reach out to those that care about you and tell them you’re depressed and could use some company or to meet for coffee. Connecting with your friends and family is a great way to combat depression.

It’s also important to remind yourself that the depression will come to an end. Keep caring for yourself and let others help you.

This episode of depression scared me to death. But it only lasted two days. I still have trouble feeling confident that this episode is over, but I’m hopeful.

So, to fight depression:

  1. Get out of your house; treat yourself.
  2. Be gentle with yourself
  3. Reach out to friends and family
  4. Remember that the depression will come to an end.

You can always write me at: mentallyinteresing33@gmail.com if you need some reassurance.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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