Anxiety. It’s a real PITA. It has a way of smothering all positive thoughts in your brain and delving into everything that’s wrong. It produces that nagging feeling that something is wrong accompanied by tingling hands and an upset stomach. And what if you need to go somewhere but you’re too anxious to go? Anxiety can make getting things done nearly impossible.

What do you do when you wake up anxious in the morning, or anxiety hits you in the middle of the day? There are four areas you can concentrate on to lessen your anxiety: self-talk, self care, talking to a friend or taking medication.


Anxiety whispers, “You can’t do it.”, but you can move past it by listening to what you’re telling yourself and negating it. “I can’t go to lunch with my friends. They will think I’m a freak”. Now deconstruct these sentences. These people are your friends, the people that care about you and just want you to feel good. They know you and they probably know you struggle with anxiety. In all likelihood, they just want to be there for you. Now that you’ve negated the thought, come up with a positive statement you can make about lunch. “It will be good for my heart and mind to spend time with friends who support me.” The first step is changing negative thoughts to positive ones. You’ll probably need to repeat this action a few times during the day.

Write down some positive affirmations (See http://www.mentallyinterest negative, look over these affirmations to help get you back on track.


Next up in your Get-Over-Anxiety-Kit is taking gentle care of yourself. If you haven’t already showered, take a warm shower and get clean. Eat a small meal. Smell scents that you like. Exercise. Go outside and soak up some sun. Take deep breaths and ground yourself (taste,touch, see, hear, smell) This is all about pampering yourself…doing things that make you feel a little better. Because all the little stuff adds up. See

Tell A Friend

Call, text, email, message…there are so many ways to reach out. Try getting a hold of a good friend and letting them know you could use some positive encouragement to get through your anxiety. Just bringing it out into the light can diminish some of the anxiety. Its also great to have a friend with you when you have to do things that are difficult. They can be your cheerleader and keep you moving.

Take medication

There are medications, like benzodiazapines and beta-blockers, that your doctor can prescribe to deal with your anxiety. Medication isn’t right for everyone and benzos have addictive qualities so it’s a good idea to have a detailed conversation with your doctor

The keys to reducing anxiety are doing away with negative self talk, taking good care of yourself, getting in touch with a friend and/or possibly taking medication. There may be days that you’re engaging in all four activities.  (See on a small card and carry them with you. When you find that your self-talk has turned.


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