No matter how you feel, there are things you can do to start your day off right.

Do some gentle stretching to wake your body up.

Take your medications.

Put together a Grateful List.  List 10-15 items that you are grateful for.  Things like having a roof over your head, the people in your life and the characteristics that you possess.

Read a list of affirmations out loud (  Really commit to the affirmation.

Journal.  Write about how you’re feeling and the issues you’re tackling in your life.  Journaling often provides insight into what’s bothering you and what you need to pay attention to.

Exercise.  Whether it yoga, jogging, pilates or swimming, get your body moving.

Eat a small breakfast.  Give your body what it needs for a good start to the day.

Take a shower or get cleaned up.  It’s amazing how much better you feel when you take care of yourself.

Touch base with one or more members of your support group.  It helps so much to share with people that care about you.  Don’t just say, “Hello”.  Make plans to grab coffee or walk together.  The members of your support group are as valuable as gold.  Do your best to maintain connections with them.

Check your self-talk.  Is your head filled with negative thoughts?  Refute those false thoughts.  Write down the negative thoughts you are having and then either outright reject the false ones or change the negative to positive.  Self-talk can be very difficult to monitor.  You might want to write down some of the things you’re telling yourself and then do a reality check to see what’s really true.

Do a Google search for positive quotations and write down your favorites.  Then post your faves where you can see them.

Check in with your self-talk again.  Remove the negative, replace with positive.  Give your affirmations a look over.

If you’re having a bad day and haven’t already contacted a member of your support group (which includes your psychiatrist and therapist), do so now.  Its amazing how much it helps just to talk to someone about your struggles and your victories.

Take lots of deep breaths throughout the day.  On the intake, you can say, “Calm In” and on the outtake, “Stress Out”.

You might also want to journal later in the day if a problem arises or you’re dealing with a difficult emotion.

Sometimes, taking a nap helps snap you out of a funk.  Or just resting with a book.

Get outside.  This provides a change in perspective and the sun feels good on your face.

Go somewhere you enjoy.  Treat yourself to one of your favorite places whether it be a bookstore or a clothing store.  Getting out can be valuable in having a good day.  I think it’s partially because we connect with other people and we need those connections to feel whole.

Touch base with another member of your support team.  Ask them about their day and tell them about yours.  Sharing experiences helps bring your closer to the person you’re connecting with.

Journal about the events of the day and reflect on the positive and the not-so-positive things that happened during the day.  Note actions that help you stay in a good mood as well as things that bring you down.

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