Something I learned at Mayo Mood Disorders Unit is the importance of a daily routine. Together with an Occupational Therapist, I created the basics of routine for when I returned home. Routines are difficult because many of us have a lot of time to fill up.

Routines are important because “…sticking to a regular daily schedule helps keep your body’s internal clock ticking steadily and contributes to better sleep and more balanced moods”.1

Keeping regular habits helps regulate your biological clock. There is evidence to suggest a link between bipolar disorder and the circadian rhythm. (The circadian rhythm is the body’s internal clock).

So how do you put together your day? Start by listing all the things you normally do during the day: eat breakfast, stretch, exercise, work, downtime, eat lunch, write a gratitude list, and on and on until you’ve covered the basics of your day. Following is the same routine along with other tasks that can be added when needed.



6:00 Wake up

Gratitude List


Eat Breakfast

7:00 Work online (answer emails,etc.)

7:45 Take son to school

8:00 Talk with husband

8:20 Walk

8:45 Finish online work

10:00 Empty dishwasher and clean kitchen

10:30 Shower

11:00 Laundry

11:30 Pick up husband for lunch

12:15 Take husband back to work

12:30 More housework (figure out what to fix for dinner)

1:00 Break time: Read, Play on computer, nap, crosswords

2:00 Laundry

2:30 Volunteering

4:00 Pick up son from school

Other Things to Include

Go out with friends

Group Therapy (Tuesday)

Therapist’s Appointment

Work on hobbies

Nightly Routine

Rewarding Work

Time for relaxation

Taking medications

Tracking your symptoms


Grocery Store (order and pick up)

Make Christmas gifts






Mop floors

Clean out fridge

Clean out pantry

Establishing a routine will help keep you balanced and prevent that sinking feeling like there’s something you should be doing.

There are loads of free, blank calendars on the Internet. (Just one example: ). Google, “free blank calendar” and you’ll get lots of options.

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1Sasha Kildare.

SOURCE:  Jennifer Scott. “Things to Include in Your Routine”


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