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There are a number of soothing things I turn to when I’m depressed.

1. Spend time with your dogs, cats, or other animals.  Animals have a way of us bringing us back to our center.

 2.  This lava lamp. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to warm up completely, but then it blobs away.  When I need to shut down for a few minutes, I stare at the lamp and just let my mind go limp.  

3.  Journals.  My fave place to get these is Dollar General, the Dollar Store, Dollar Mania (ok, maybe that last one isn’t real, but it totally could be).  I usually write down what I think the problem is and how I feel about it.  As I’m writing, I’m coming to some realizations about the situation I’m in.  I write down how I would like things to be different and what I can do to make those things happen.  I write down goals.  I write down things that I’ve been ruminating about it and try to break them apart so they will stop playing on repeat in my head.  Journals are a great place to figure things out.


4.  A throw blanket for your legs.  It just feels good to be warm (except deep in Summer).

5.  Make something warm to drink.  Tea, coffee, hot chocolate…it feels good to wrap your hands around a hot mug.  And the warm liquid soothes your insides.

6.  Something funny to watch.  My latest fave is Kevin Hart, Irresponsible  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emKhAptPqg4.  Here’s a snippet from the show. (Turn down your volume…his comedy is a little raw.)

7.  Get some sunshine.  Go outside for 5 or 10 minutes and just soak in the sun.  I feel connected to the planet and I like to take time to be with nature.



Not sure what to take in first?  Watch the birds in your yard and/or trees.  Listen to their songs and note their color.  Even better, head to a local flower garden (or a nursery) and look at the huge variety of plants and flowers.  If it’s wintertime, you can enjoy the stillness and quiet.

8.  Take a hot bath or shower.  Keep some special soap for down days that perks you up when you smell it.  My favorite is lavender and eucalyptus.  I also have a candle from a dear friend that smells like Christmas.  And sometimes I just need to inhale deeply and return to my happy place.

9.  Take part in one or more of your hobbies.  What do you enjoy?  Spend some time letting your creativity take the wheel.  I like to make cards for friends and family.  And, here’s a rando fact…I’ve made whole bunch of duck tape flowers. 

10.  Take a drive.  Head out to the country (if it’s fairly close) and drive the winding roads. (Your phone’s map app will almost always lead you back).

11.  Shopping.  Guys probably don’t find this as much fun as girls, but then again, they might.  I tend to shop at thrift stores and flea markets so my little sprees don’t cost too much cash but the thrill of the buy is there.

12.  Spend time with my family.  They make me feel so loved and like I can do anything.  My husband is always there to listen and comfort.

What do you do to help yourself feel better when you’re down?  I’d love for you to share it with me in the comments.

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