You Are a Superhero

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, you really are crazy if you think I’m a superhero. I’m more like a superzero.

No, my friend, you are not a superzero. You are amazing. Let me tell you why.

You fight mental illness(es) every single day.

Day after day, you put on your best face and muscle your way through the day. You fight an internal struggle that would bring most people to their knees. That is badass. Don’t believe me? Ask some of your supportive close friends/family what they think about what they think of the way you handle your mental illness. They are apt to agree that you are a superhero.

You leave the house when you’re scared to death. Agoraphobia is real, my friends. And overcoming it and going out takes serious strength. Every time you are able to step outside and go somewhere, you demonstrate what a superhero you are.

You serve as a guinea pig for medications. You bravely try one medication after another in the fight to find something that works. You put up with nasty side effects and the fear that this medication won’t work for you. You maintain your hope that this medication will be the one. Keeping your hope shining in the face of potential failure is superhero material for reals.

You face potential discrimination and rejection because you have a mental illness. This is a really difficult task. “Coming out” to your friends and family takes serious guts. You do this knowing that friends and family might not understand or might offer unhelpful “advice” that you just don’t need. The media is full of misconceptions about mental illness. But you don’t let that stop you from being truthful with people. Total superhero material.

You fight your way through anxiety and panic attacks on a regular basis. You breathe and talk your way through them. You soothe yourself and then continue with your day, even if you’re a little wobbly. Even if you’re shaky, you’re still a superhero.

Along the same lines, you deal with the symptoms of your mental illness. From mania to anger to sadness and depression. You handle it all. And you usually handle it by yourself, with no one else being aware of your internal struggles. This is a really hard one because, a lot of times, you feel like lashing out or sobbing. But if you do, you often do so in private. (BTW, I encourage you to lean on others at times like this but I understand this isn’t always practical). Superhero? You bet.

You ask for help/support when you need it. A superhero knows when they have reached their limit and it’s time to involve family/friends. Even though this is incredibly difficult (because your illness tells you to keep it to yourself) you battle this internal fight and ask others to assist you in getting through whatever you’re going through. Because you are a superhero.

There you have it, seven reasons why you are a superhero. So wear your cape proudly and remember how great you are.

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